The Akashic Records are the key to the Divine Wisdom of our Soul

What is your Divine Soul Path? Where is it where you came from? What are the secrets of your Soul? How do you walk your Soul Path on Earth, so that it becomes a more beautiful place, just because of your apperance? 

All these questions are answered by logging in into the 'data-bank' of Universal information, called the 'Akashic Records'. Here we find the answers to our inner questions and thus the Key to ourselves.

Are you ready to unlock the potency of your Soul? Go here to find out about Soul Realignment and here about more Akashic Readings.

I more than welcome you on my website to find the Truth about You ❤

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About me

About meLooking for more peace in a busy life with a young family, I started a Power Yoga class years ago. I felt my whole body; that was something. Yet I took another class… and have never stopped practicing Yoga.

There was more space, awareness. It felt like coming home.

It became a part of my life and I wanted to know everything about the body: how it works and why. After many courses in this area - including foot reflexology, nutrition & supplements, lifestyle & weight management, kinematics, coaching, fitness A & B and much more, I followed the training to become a Power Yoga teacher at the Dasra Center in Montfoort. I have taught this with great enthusiasm for 2 years.

And the path continued. It could have been softer and with more depth. The lessons and workshops in Sacred Prana Yoga in Den Bosch (a combination of Inca Shamanism and Yoga), Zen Meditation, the foot reflexology course and the courses at Integrale Yoga Nederland in Rotterdam have brought me a lot.

After receiving my diplomas for the teacher training courses Beginners, Advanced 1, 2 and 3, Pregnancy Yoga, Children's Yoga and the Hatha Yoga In-depth Course at Integrale Yoga Nederland, I also wanted to pursue this further, in search of more knowledge, experience and depth. I found this in the form of the various special Master courses Higher than Yoga I & II, Supramental Yoga and the Spiritual Healing training based on the insights of the Rishis. It has given me a lot of depth, beautiful insights and special experiences, for which I am very grateful.

And again it was allowed to continue. When I asked how I could help people even more to integrate their insights and awareness of the Yoga classes into their daily lives, Access Bars came my way. After taking this course I gave sessions to many people, which resulted in a lot of transformation. I am still grateful for this.

In addition, I followed the Reconnective Healing training, so that I could reconnect people's energetic 'system' to the cosmic codes of the Universe. So that they found their Soul Mission on Earth again. I am also very grateful for that and I still practice.

Because I noticed that many people in their current lives were 'stuck' by past experiences, I trained as a Regression Therapist. With this I have helped many people, by taking them to the past to become free in the present. I still do this with great pleasure and satisfaction, now also online.

Then I realised, we're all actually looking for the same, within. Our Soul! So I went studying Soul Realignment. A methodology in which we search in the Akashic Records (the 'library' of information of all living beings in the Universe) for the Truth about a Soul, so we can see where it comes from and what the key it is, what it is holding. For many people a 'home-coming' and I LOVE to do these sessions.

Because many people feel -after a Soul-reading- a bit 'out-lined' with their environment, I decided also to do Property Cleaning, according to the Akashic Records. Simply said: every Soul has it's destiny and every property / house too. And this hàs to be in alignment to make the people feel happy and free in their environment.

For everything I do, experience, learn, teach, tell, etc. etc. I still feel very grateful and I express all this in my lessons, coachings, healings, courses.

All this with the intention of developing a Higher Consciousness, so that you can enjoy life more. As is intended.

And when I look back, I can say, "Yes, it's gotten a bit more beautiful. Because I was here".

All Love & Light,